Our team

Our team - not just a few people who are engaged in that are able to. We have - is the embodiment of integrity and team spirit. Our projects we do with love and soul, because you love doing. It is worth noting that our work - a consensus between the wishes of the customer and the needs of potential users. Мы знаем как сделать проект комфортным для всех ее участников и ценим Ваше время и время пользователей. We know that the value of each person is manifested not in his work and in his approach to the essence of the task. Cooperating with us, you will get not 100%, but at least 200% or even 500%. This does not mean that we overestimate their knowledge and their skills, we just know its value and share it with you.
Vasily Vdovin

Vasily Vdovin

The programmer and the head
Phone: +38 (067) 303 31 53
Skype: vdovinlab.com
Email: mailbox@vdovinlab.com
Tatiana Dobrovol'skaya

Tatiana Dobrovol'skaya

Designer and manager
Phone: +38 (097) 607 53 53, +38 (093)213 01 54
Skype: teddi_smile
Email: tatyana.dobrovolska@gmail.com